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Our Process


We tell stories about women, highlighting, exploring, and celebrating their existence. Scripted dramas and comedies. We share strong, rich stories, films with wit and introspection. Each character complex and intriguing – from living a seemingly simple life to those living larger than life. Our mission is to let an array of women see a depiction of themselves and others often underrepresented on the screen.


Our budgets are  modest. We're in the low budget category. By choice we've picked our  lane and stay in it because our strategic plan results in quality films  for less. When we start with a good story, our selection process is  zoned-in on a narrative that can be shot efficiently. No scripts that  require extensive special effects, numerous locations, or large casts.  It’s wonderfully engaging stories with delightful plots that meet our  needs. Now add to that creative talent in front of and behind the scenes  – that’s how our carefully crafted budgets are spent. 



We open the door for those underrepresented in the film industry to take part in the process. Apprenticeship is the third core element of our business model. Yes, it’s about making a successful film, but we dream about access. We think this glorious industry should not be for the elite few. Instead, we give access to those who don’t have the right connections, or who don’t look like the thousands of others on film sets across America. Our apprentices are minorities, women, people with a disability, those who have been denied access because of their age. These descriptions are no longer barriers. We’ve made a way across the divide.

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